Sunday, April 19, 2009

The reasons time as been surreal and non existant for me and this medium

Hello everyone and here is a brief post to explain my recent disappearing act.

Life can be, at many times in ones life, throwing curve balls. The curviest ball I've had thrown at me so far is the house I live in. Sparing you the gruesome details, this said house that I purchased a year and half ago as been, has been the bane of our existence and we are now in the process of selling it, ergo why I have been away from "more then three lines posts" in the last little while.

That being said, my lists of subjects have not gone dry or decreased in any way and as soon as time permits me I will be tackling well known and more obscure issues that have a great deal of importance in my skeptical eye.

I am fully aware that explanations are not excuses and that a more rigorous input of material will be flowing in soon enough.