Thursday, February 26, 2009

On the Road and Off the Map

Time, cruel mistress that she is, as joined forces with the unexpected and has sent me on a business /family trip.

This as unfortunately delayed some things I would have liked to discuss, such as a product called Vivimind, since I can't elaborate much I'll just send these few questions out there:

1) if their claims on the effects of homotaurine on brain volume and also the list of Wonders it brought about, was on the level?

2) Does the science in this Scientifically proven product hold up?

3) And finally, is this, as I found out with a little digging, really a re-ashed failed Anti-Alzheimer’s Pill,and if so, is that legal or ethical?

In any case, if she (Time) allows me to return to this I will, if not, then at the very least the seeds of curiosity on the subject are sowed.

You have all a good half-week

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Vincent said...

Vivimind to be offered in the US shortly: