Thursday, March 19, 2009

Evolution of ideas

After a long pause due to sickness, I'm back! That delay explains the delay on the subject approached here but I find it still relevant to address it.

Indeed, my concern for my country (Canada) and science, push me to comment on this article and its follow up.

Since this as been floating around the web for a bit I recommend reading the interesting yet direct approaches of PZ Myers and The Canadian Cynic's takes on Mr Goodyear's "evolution".
Albeit some ad homonym attacks they both touch on one thing: Mr Goodyear's version of evolution does NOT touch on the actual natural definition of it in any way shape or form.

The point here is not what he believes or that his previous job was as a chiropractor, which tends to lead to some magical thinking, but that he was appointed as the Minister of Science and Technology and that his background WILL affect the country's funding and development in the field of said ministry!

Taketh care folks and hope to be here sooner rather then later!

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